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             Khero valley       

Unyani Lake in the Khero valley                                                                                                 

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This trek is a new one, discovered by the guides of Adventure Trekking.

From Joshimath to Badrinath, the trek begins at the meeting point of Kheer Ganga and Alaknanda river.

After 2 km, you cross the small village named Khero. Only five months a year, in summer, people live over here.

You meet on the way a beautiful ancient Devi Temple, where people from all the villages around

organize every year, at the full moon of september, two days of the Krishna celebration called Poornima.

The valley is 2 km from the temple, with great sightseeing,

covered with flowers and Ayurvedic medecine plants.


5 days trek


Day 1 :- Joshimath.

Day 2 :- Khero Village.

Day 3 :- Khero Valley.

Day 4 :- Sightseeing at Khero Valley.

Day 5 :- Back to Joshimath or trek to Badrinath.


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